Chef’s Corner

Dan Esposto – Executive Chef

Our Cali-boy Chef Dan Esposto began his culinary career at 10 years old, peeling potatoes in the garage of his family home in San Mateo. His father had started a catering business to help supplement his Income… and feed his seven children. Sixty years later the family company is still being operated by his two older brothers, and some of their children. This provided him many opportunities to be creative and develop his skills in high-end catering and meet many creative people and different foods.

Though he has been a chef in senior living communities for over 25 years, he still consults for the family business on Special Events, Openings and Weddings. This helps to keep him in step with the new and old culinary ideas and skills.

When he saw the opportunity to work with senior food services, Dan jumped at the chance. “Having wonderful grandparents, I felt very comfortable around older residents. This gave me a chance to do what I love, and feel like I was making some difference in people’s lives.” he says.

Residents make it very rewarding to work at Fremont Hills. “We are a very diverse group of people who enjoy our differences and similarities. The diversity has helped to stretch my culinary skills and residents are eager to share their ideas on their personal choices and recipes.” He is always present to discuss the Dining Services, and they formally meet once a month to discuss issues and coming events, menus, etc.

The fresh noodle bowls have been a great hit at lunch time and given the chefs creative license to use a variety of local fresh vegetables and spices for unique tastes. “We are lucky to have a great staff here at Fremont Hills and for me that is what I enjoy most about working here. It makes for a happy soul for all of our community.”

Chef’s Recipes