Easter Egg Hunt 2019 at Fremont Hills

Every year, we look forward to having children visit Fremont Hills for our annual Easter Egg Hunt. This year the residents happily took part in hiding 700 plastic eggs filled with treats. They really enjoyed watching how excited the children were as they searched high and low on the patio for their treasures. It was indeed a fun event for everyone and the weather was perfect. Intergenerational events are always enjoyed by the children and residents. It’s nice to see them interacting and sharing smiles. Thank you Chef Dan for preparing delicious cupcakes and punch. They were so pretty and were enjoyed by everyone.

Easter at Fremont Hills 2019
The Easter Egg Hunt!


  1. Posted on 04/23/19 by Jacqueline

    Sooo cute. Great event guys!

    • Posted on 05/15/19 by Isabela Tigno

      Thank you Jacqueline! Come visit some time!

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