Elvis was in the House at Fremont Hill’s Yard Sale Fundraiser

On Sunday, July 22, 2018 Fremont Hills held a Yard Sale Fundraiser. We would like to thank everyone for their support: Joan Newman, Fernando Aquino, Daniel Esposto, Carolyn Reid, Winnie Palmeri, Ashiana Ali, Lily Platero, Veda Arya, Samantha Martinez, Marivel Coria, Christopher Lee, Celine Tan, Cassie Castain, Phillip Castain, Laurie Gebhard, Brandy Lucero, Cynthia Rambonga, and many more people that supported us for this special event.

A special Thank You to George Silva and Marlena Silva for the wonderful music and support that you always provide to Fremont Hills.  We love you just as much as you love us. You are greatly appreciated by Fremont Hills.

Check out the video below for a sample of his music.

Fremont Hills - Yard Sale Fundraiser

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